Suricata management


The Suricata edit page allows you to setup the parameters of the Suricata.

The parameters are the following:

  • Name: hostname of the probe, be sure it is matching value of host field in JSON events
  • Descr: description of the suricata
  • Rules directory: scirius.rules file will be created in this directory. Suricata must only use this file
  • Suricata configuration file: used to detect some configuration settings
  • Ruleset: choose the ruleset to use

Updating ruleset

To update Suricata ruleset, you can go to Suricata -> Update (Update being in the Actions menu). Then you have to select which action you want to do:

  • Update: download latest version of the Sources used by the Ruleset
  • Build: build a Suricata ruleset based on current version of the Sources
  • Push: trigger a Suricata reload to have it running with latest build ruleset

You can also update the ruleset and trigger a Suricata reload by running

python updatesuricata